Personalized Coaching to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Is your marketing lacking direction? Do you have lots of ideas but aren’t sure which ones will get results for your business?

Marketing Consulting sessions are created for those who:
  • Are a fee-only, fee-based, or hybrid Registered Investment Advisor.
  • Have a specific marketing topic or problem that they know needs professional insight.
  • Want to step up their marketing, but aren’t sure how to take it to the next level.
  • Know that effective marketing will help attract the types of clients they want to work with but aren’t sure if they are ready for a full-service commitment.
  • Are ready to invest time in building their businesses.

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help.

Hi, I’m Crystal, the Founder and CEO of Crystal Marketing Solutions.

At Crystal Marketing Solutions, our goal is to help you grow your business and put time back on your calendar so that you can focus on the more important things in your firm and your life.

Our services are specifically designed to help all types of independent financial advisors who want to take the next step in marketing their businesses. For a set monthly fee, we will collaborate with you and your team to implement marketing strategies on a continuous basis. 

We're not just marketing consultants that give you a list of ideas and then leave you to complete the work on your own. We're creative marketers and business consultants. We strategically set a plan in place and see to it that each step is completed to get you closer to your long-term goals.  

Our experience is with independent advisory firms — just like yours — and we can use the lessons we have learned to help your marketing strategies be successful.  

Our clients benefit from our intimate knowledge of the unique marketing needs of the financial industry:

  • Best practices used by financial advisors and firms.
  • Compliance guidelines & Compliance Max system.
  • Various tools & resources that have proven successful for other marketing initiatives.

Marketing Consult 

  • 50-minute recorded phone meeting with screen share capabilities
  • Comprehensive marketing recommendations based on your expressed needs to provide clarity and actionable guidance
  • Meeting recap notes sent via email

Julie Anderson Bray
GW Financial, Inc.

“I began working with Crystal Marketing Solutions during a transition in ownership of our firm. This was a challenging and exciting time. Crystal created a modern new logo and a complete update to the website. She was there for every step of the way and helped us to introduce a new and updated image while keeping our clients informed and comfortable.

Since those changes were implemented we saw website traffic users increase over 152%. Social media traffic to our website has also increased by 237%. We have also seen that referral traffic is the primary source of our visitors.

From the first project she has helped us through many exciting changes, and her experience and expertise have been invaluable. She expertly advised us using many innovative ideas that we ultimately incorporated into our new firm. Few people have the opportunity to collaborate with a Marketing Consultant who is also a coach and a colleague – but this is what I did with Crystal."

Take control of your marketing today.

Let CMS help you figure out how.