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You need help — the kind that understands the financial world and can provide creative solutions, not to mention actual results.

As a financial professional...

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and marketing your firm probably isn’t at the top of the list.

You need help — the kind that understands the financial world and can provide creative solutions, not to mention actual results.

At Crystal Marketing Solutions...

We work hand in hand with financial professionals to craft a strategic roadmap.

When you work with us, we provide your business with a consistent marketing presence that attracts the right customers.

Using our industry knowledge and exceptional insights, we act as your virtual Chief Marketing Officer and complete marketing team, so you can focus on what really matters most.

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A Primer on Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing has been around for decades, but it’s far from dead. Not only is it still going strong, but it is more effective than ever. As technology continues to advance, email -marketing strategies can become more personalized and effective.Marketing automation is the key to this progress. My series The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Email Marketing

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Proper Email Etiquette

Email marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business. But before you begin, be aware of email marketing etiquette as well as some common email marketing pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you. My series, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Email Marketing, helps financial advisors understand how email marketing works so they can properly use

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Why Your Financial Advisory Firm Needs an Email Newsletter

People want to buy from companies they trust, no matter what they’re purchasing. When it comes to engaging the services of a financial advisor, trust becomes even more important, as your clients are entrusting you with what is most important to them – their family’s security and financial future. So any marketing you do as

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What Our Clients Say About Us...

“I hired Crystal Marketing Solutions as I needed someone to take over our marketing and to provide strategy. I trust Crystal to do what she says she is going to and she’s very proactive with reaching out to me with ideas. I can trust her to deliver what we want, on time, and with a caring eye looking over every detail. From helping to create articles to promote my book, or press releases to announce milestones in my business, she has been such an asset.

Crystal has been responsive to my needs and helped me to develop a social media and marketing campaign that has increased my exposure via social media 600%. Since we worked together, I’ve received numerous replies to our newspaper articles and social media campaigns and had more opportunities to turn our work into some future revenue. Our most recent project together has been one of our most exciting and I couldn’t have asked for a better professional to promote my business as if it were her own.”

Mark Singer, CFP®, Safe Harbor Retirement Planning

“Crystal had experience working with wealth advisors such as myself and is featured by Michael Kitces and Advisor Perspectives. I greatly respect Michael, so I decided to sign on with her and her team.

The CMS team truly understands the wealth planning business and what an advisor goes through, especially as a solo advisor. Since bringing CMS on board, my marketing strategy took a giant step forward and is much more organized and process-oriented. Crystal’s organization and consistent follow through until we got things right has been a huge benefit to my business, and I’d absolutely recommend the CMS team.”

Paul Fenner, TAMMA Capital

Paul Fenner, TAMMA Capital